Theta Waves

Theta Waves are the brain waves that exist when you are slipping between Consciousness and Unconsciousness. they are produced by the right side of the brain. It is believed that this is when creativity is born.

I did this drawing in response to a discussion on theta waves and how they effect art. This piece was used as the center piece in an article that that was written on that subject. Sorry for the water mark but because this is a published piece I had to install one.

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  1. I cut my teeth in art as a graphic artist. I started in 79 and spent the 80's and early 90's in graphic sweat shops. By 95 it became about money and not the art, I was so burnt out I left. I drew a few little ink drawings in 98 but didn't pick up pen, brush, pencil any thing (I really despised art at that time in my life, it was a dark time) until about 9 months ago. I've gotten heavily into digital art something that is new to me (computers weren't to advanced in those days). It has sparked  my interest in art again. I still draw using mostly my preferred medium ink. But I love manipulating my work digitally.  I use gimp software and a Wacom Bamboo create.
  2. One thing is that I do allot of dark art. I've also done my share of tattoo art over the years.