the year of the dragon

To day is the Chinese New Year and the year of the dragon.I had been hard at work for this painting to celebration the Chinese New Year, the year of the dragon. Though often called Chinese New Year it also called the lunar New Year is celebrated by many Asian countries; it falls on a different day every year. This year the New Year is falls on the 23rd of January. This painting is combined with watercolor painting and paper cut out. The dragon on the background is cut out right on to the painting.  

The dragon is the most powerful and suspicious Chinese zodiac sign, sign of authority and ambition, symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power. The Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. In Chinese cultures peony is symbolizes wealth. In Chinese the word vase (ping) sounds similar to peace. The gold fish on the vase symbolizes wealth and good fortune and because the   word fish (yu) in Chinese sounds like abundance.

All together, this painting means wishing you abundance of wealth, health, plenty of power, peace and full of energy for the year of the dragon.

Happy New Year and may prosperity be with you all!

 Watercolor and cutout 28”x20”, 2012


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