The Wave

This abstract represents life 's events. Events, emotions, our lives are all subjected to peaks and valleys. This is a moment in time in one of these waves where emotion and the cool logic blend together…rightfully or wrongly they are there inescapable from our being, cascading into a valley or building into a crescendo.

I found myself painting this piece with absolute freedom, getting lost in this piece for a brief period allowed me to express my feeling for color without any boundries unlike many other pieces that are bound by artistic rules of composition or dictated by the norms that artists subject themselves to.


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John Zaleski

About John Zaleski

I started painting and sketching at an early age. At age 6, 1st grade, I was picked to paint a Christmas card for our class. In Grade 4, at age 10, My drawing about Arbor Day was chosen to represent our school in the city of Montreal "The major's Arbor Day competition. The drawing won with 9 other schools as finalists among 300 elementary schools. I guess that was my launch pad. I have been painting ever since. The learning curve was when I worked for the top graphic arts studio and color separation company, Arnott Rogers Batten and Rapid Grip and Batten. Recently retired, I now continue painting everyday. My favorite subjects are...anything that strikes my fancy. The learning curve never ends. My favorite painters are Monet, Renoir, the Group of Seven, Impressionists in general. Currently viewing today's living artists C W Mundy, D Leffel, D Gerhartz just to name a few. My perspective on art...Art is subjective. What one person enjoys doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will or should. One thing is certain. If an artist paints a subject, you can tell if there was an emotional attachment to the way the subject was portrayed. That is what I look for.