The Wailing Wall

This is a painting that I started in Israel and finished when I arrived home.  Most of it was done from memory and a few of the strokes that I made on the canvas when I was there.  It was, I thought, and interesting and moving moment.  This is an oil on canvas and is 16 x 20 in size.  It was painted in 2003.  I am not adverse to making any corrections or changes to the painting.

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Phil Sydell

About Phil Sydell

I am a retired dentist who took up painting in 1997.  I've attended the Visual Arts School in Summit, NJ and the Boca Museum of Art School.  I paint in oils and acrylics.  I've given up pastels because I can't breathe in the dust any longer.  I do landscapes and portraits and anything else that attracts my visual senses.  Painting is my joy and has kept me going after I lost my wife and life long companion.