The Vivifier

Overview: “The Vivifier” is the second in a series that depicts the four purviews of my daemonic race. The aim of each piece is to allude to the nature of the purview as well as illustrate a character that I find to be the embodiment of the powers represented.

The Purview: A vivifier has power over life and death, thus the potential to be either a great healer or devastating scourge. The most benevolent vivifiers spread life and wellness, dedicating themselves to easing the pains and ills of others. With as much ease as this life is granted, however, it can also be warped or ripped away completely. The options a warlike vivifier has for destruction are as varied as they are brutal: from simply tearing the life force from an opponent, to commanding plagues, or even raising armies of the dead to do their bidding. Of the four purviews, the vivifier is the most polarized in how its abilities can be applied.

The Character: The character I chose to represent vivifiers has a very unique understanding of the blessings and burdens that stem from his purview. The unnatural hue of his skin, and lack of chroma to his hair and horns, is a result of pursuing some related abilities. He is intended to come across as haughty and severe, but stop short of appearing cruel. As I developed the background I decided that I also wanted to stay away from the openly morbid or grotesque in this piece – he need not be covered in blood or adorned with rough bone to convey exactly what he is capable of.

The Background:  This was a lot of work but an equal amount of fun! Since life and death are such prominent themes to this purview, I wanted to make sure I encapsulated that somehow in the background. I also wanted to balance something spiritual, beautiful, delicate, (and perhaps somewhat feminine) with a vaguely morbid undertone. I was very inspired by carved ivory and bone when designing and the arch, especially with how intricate and ornate such carvings tend to be. These elements are also a nod to the necromantic aspects of the vivifier. Lilies are often a funerary flower so they seemed appropriate, as did butterflies since they are symbolic of rebirth.

Character/art © Me

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