The Smartest Dog in the World!

It amazes me how she ran back to the ranch and told Jim (with just a couple of barks and a whimper) that timmy had fallen into an abandoned mine shaft behind Dickson Mill. Then ran off to fetch the doctor (who wasn't home)-grabbed the first aid kit and ran back to the mine shaft to meet Jim and rescued Timmy. I'm just sayin "She was the smartest dog in the world!

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My name is Mike Benton. I am a self taught artist. I have been consumed with drawing since childhood. When I was a boy, anything with a clear surface, i.e.used envelopes,old letters,the backs of advertisements,brown paper bags etc,was used to draw pictures on. I never had anything to pursue art with except pencils and ink pens. In my late teens through my 60th birthday I turned to music as a hobby and have not done any drawings for over 30 years. My daughter, who recieved her Bachelors degree in art, suggested that she would like to see me do some drawings again. I have been back now since March 2012, but now I am into charcoal and pastel. I am still learning as I go,and always will. 2013has been an awesome year for me as an artist. from the blue ribbons at the county fair, the newspaper and magazine atricles about my art, the  placement of paintings and drawings in two galleries, to the recognition and friendship of fellow artists on Artist Daily, I have enjoyed every minute. I am looking forward to 2014 with great expectations.