My son and I hiked down and around The Oakland Hills. Joaquin Miller is the street that leads to a creek. We started down the path. We saw a bunch of blue jays all in the trees. All the snap shots of the jays came out blurried. I skeched out the jays and painted this path. This is the path that lead us to a bridge. This is one of eight watercolor painting from my collection. I call it Joaquin Miller The Path. I have never took painting classes. I have took art classes in high school. I will start my next project soon. THE BRIDGE AT JUAQUIN MILLER…..

I enjoy water colors, and pencil art…

Jorge Luis Iniguez

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Jorge Luis Iniguez

About Jorge Luis Iniguez

 Jorge Luis Iniguez is a local artist from the Oakland Ca, Bay Area. A self taught artist he was fasinated with art since the age of 6.

Jorge was raised in West Oakland and live in San Leandro today. He paints with bright colors in both water colors and oil. Once in a while he will throw in a pencil drawing.

Since the Fall of 2007 Jorge began painting in water colors. In 2011 he began painting in oils.


"Its hard to do something you really love with so little time"

Jorge luis Iniguez