The Ninnescah River


The Ninnescah River – Oil on 9 x 12 Canvas Panel – Painted April 4, 2010 –

Located in central Kansas it flows near Wichita, at least the part of it I was familiar with. In my early 20s a group of us used this area for recreation and “Parties”. Just downstream from the area depicted within this painting was a large sand bar that was exposed when water levels were low. In those days in central Kansas this was the closest thing you could find to a sandy beach. It was four to five hundred feet long and more than a hundred feet wide in places. It was a great place to hold a kegger or just sun bathe and get wet. My friend Terry (T-bone Terry) 

would visit from South Carolina, we would grab some people, some food, some beer and the party or bar-b-q was on. No one ever got drunk or in any trouble, but we had lots of what are now called “Great memories”. Your comments are welcome.



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