The New Landing – Can we survive?

As we remember 911 we have to think will it ever be the same. The answer is No! Nothing is the same every day turns into night with the uneasy feeling that we are not at peace. We are fighting for our lives everyday. From dogging a bullet abroad to dogging a bus in Midtown Manhattan – it is all the same just be carful what step you take next.

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What if "YOU" are the product! How would You Brand Yourself, Sell Yourself.
Try to figure out what attributes of a product or company that has made it successful.
Then turn the looking glass on yourself, the "YOU" product.
What do you really see.
See someone, hear what they have to say, actually listen without trying to sell them anything but "YOU".
It will pay back, not today but eventually.

Brand Yourself. Sell Yourself. YOU are the product.