The Little Shopper 4"x4" figurative oil

One of the things I really like about the challenges is that when I have a few days or a week when I don't do the daily paintings, I can go there and get an instant idea and do a quick warm-up that gets me right back into painting in a very freeing way.  This challenge focused on a photo with a very busy background and the challenge was about how to handle the background.  I cropped the photo significantly so I didn't have much background to deal with and just kept the whole thing loose and suggestive (which works in painting but not so much in personal actions).  Carol Marine liked the little girl's dress.  I was fascinated with the universal concept of a little girl going shopping and mimicking her female adult shopping role models.  My granddaughter grabs her little purse and assumes the posture of the shopper.  I cut out her face, because I didn't really like the facial expression, and it sticks with the universal theme here.

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I am a self taught artist who has been influenced by the following people:  my mom (June Hovekamp Osgood), Sean Dye, Jane Neroni, Karin Jurick, Carol Marine, and Qiang Huang.  I am painting daily now after a career in education.  Art is my passion and I am learning every day.