The Judge

OK, there's a little kid in all of us right? I know there is in me. This is one of my grandsons toy cars. Leave it up to an artist to get out the camera and start doing some of that creative stuff we do. I tried to leave some of the "toy" look in it but the grown up part of me says, "put in some of the mean stuff." This is the results. Hope you enjoy. Also hope it helps bring out the kid in you! Visit my website,

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My name is Brian Parker. I was born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee. I can remember having a real desire to want to draw all the way back to an early teenager. I was just always convinced I could never do it so, I didn't pursue it. In the early 90's I dabbled around with acrylics and actually done a few paintings. I just felt like something was missing. In 2005, I bought a sketch book and some basic drawing pencils. From there things really escalated. What seemed to be missing suddenly became very real. Not long after I purchased the good stuff and my passion has grown ever since. I love detail. I love the look of realism. Portraits are a favorite. I hope to show to people and share with them a passion that continues to grow. Thank you for looking.