The Hopeful Mare

I painted this for my "cousin's" son who fell in love with the original photo.He ended up loving it!

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Hmmm...about me...welll I am a cancer survivor:diagnosed when I was 15 with a brain tumor.I obviously didn't live a normal life.I was put on homebound schooling due to my surgeries and therapies.During my second surgery they had to remove part of my brain with the tumor leaving my left side with stroke-like symptoms.I recovered but my left hand and foot are pretty weak and almost useless which led to me becoming an artist.I wrote many poems and such but I didn't start painting until around 209?It was something I thought about but wasn't sure of my capability.After my Aunt started painting I finally decided if she can do it,I can too.My beginnnings were awful lol until my Aunt told me,"Don't be afraid to use your colors."And I just started self teaching and improving after that...with a few tipes from my Aunt and artists on you tube.I can't say I am a professional or anything,all I can say is I enjoy painting and I work on them until I'm satisfied with them! :)