The Herders by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang)

Many artists do one-off paintings of Tibet: some simply paint from photos, never having experienced the area, first had. However, when Dapu went to the Tibetian Plateau to paint, he was so taken by the beauty of the area and the gentilness of its people that he decided to stay and chronicle life on the plateau through his art. His mentor, the famous philosopher-artist, Li Zheng Tian, has told him that he should be more commercial, but we are glad that he is following his own course. We love the way he has positioned the young girl, in the foreground: in a way, it reminds us of Dega's studies of ballerinas, and we also love the way that the composition leads the eye around the painting.

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We specialize in the mid-range of prices because not only are there many talented artists in this group but also we have found that the high end of many markets for art and other investments often becomes too hyped.  Indeed, it is always the underdiscovered, overlooked parts of any market that offer the best opportunities for investment.  Our gallery is located in Guangzhou because there are many fine Chinese artists, in Guangzhou, and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts had early connections with the original school of contemporary Chinese oil painting, in Hangzhou.