The Handsome Boxer

I ADORE THIS. it is probably the dearest painting to me, that I have done. He is so charming and strong, and kind, and happy. I adore him, and he is my friend.  What do you think, should he instead have been without a shirt? should I have made him more stern looking? should there be an opponent? what about the background, it is blank, should it be filled?


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About Gretchen Smith

I am coming back to painting after a long time away from it. It is amazing how the world, the world in my mind anyhow, has changed during that time. Now my art is vibrant, somehow alive in a way it was not before.  I am working on a collection of pieces on the subject of night. The lights and the reflections have always been a source if inspiration to me, and the color in my work is now something of a character, more alive than the people.

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