The Fishing Hole.. Woodland Ca.

In the summer of 2008 we went to see my wifes great aunt in Woodland 15 min from Sacramento. She turned 100 years old that summer. We drove past some channels that supply water to the fields in woodland. The next day me and my son hiked around the channels and came across this fishing spot. The fishing hole I never fished in. 

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Jorge Luis Iniguez

About Jorge Luis Iniguez

 Jorge Luis Iniguez is a local artist from the Oakland Ca, Bay Area. A self taught artist he was fasinated with art since the age of 6.

Jorge was raised in West Oakland and live in San Leandro today. He paints with bright colors in both water colors and oil. Once in a while he will throw in a pencil drawing.

Since the Fall of 2007 Jorge began painting in water colors. In 2011 he began painting in oils.


"Its hard to do something you really love with so little time"

Jorge luis Iniguez