The Enthraller

Overview: “The Enthraller” is the first in a series that depicts the four purviews of my daemonic race. The aim of each piece is to allude to the nature of the purview as well as illustrate a character that I find to be the embodiment of the powers represented.

The Purview: An enthraller has the potential to dominate the minds of others, for good or ill: to inspire and embolden to action, or terrorize to death by fear that resides within one’s own head. An enthraller can empower allies, debilitate foes, and force their mental will upon others, binding their own agendas to the minds others. Of the four purviews, the path of the enthraller is considered the most dangerous of arts to pursue, as the implications of its use in excess are abusive at best.  

The Character: Athanase is one of the most influential of the enthrallers in my works and is thus the subject of this piece. He will be making many reappearances. The symmetry of his features is meant to borderline “unsettling”, or “too perfect”, also a nod to his inhuman nature and influence over perception/the mind. The forward-facing stare and intense but neutral gaze are intended to depict his strong will and demeanor, but also cast doubt as to his intentions and true nature. It is currently on the viewer to interpret who he is and how he uses his abilities.

The Background:  With the focus of this piece resting so heavily on the mind, and a large amount of the character’s contribution being an intense gaze, stained glass seemed an appropriate backdrop. The design and luminosity felt supportive of the “windows to the soul” sense I kept in mind during the design process. But the concealing nature of stained glass also lends itself to respecting the privacy of the character’s intentions.

Character/art © Me

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