The Connection WIP

Very often a woman's breasts are overly sexualized which creates a controversy in our culture when it comes to breastfeeding in public. In this piece I wanted to display the connection that a child and mother have with each other and the power that comes from a woman's body to sustain life even after birth. A baby can thrive solely off breast milk  for the first six month of it's life. This is something to be celebrated not covered up. 


This is an unfinished 18×24 graphite on paper.

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Lori Farist

About Lori Farist

 Artist Statement:

Ultimately my goal as an artist is to invoke emotion from the viewer. To do this my focus is on simplifying shapes, colors, and light so that I don't get bogged down on the perfection of details but to concentrate on the information that stirs the soul. Consequently my art is a balance between expressionism and realism.

Artist Bio:

Lori Jacobs- Farist studied Fine Arts at Raritan Community College in NJ. She has taken many workshops to continue her education along with studying from books, videos, and art museums. Experience has played a major factor in sharping her skills and vision for artwork. She has won local awards and her artwork is displayed by people across the country.