The Coldrum Stones

Painting in Acrylic of The Coldrum Stones. This is a 3000 year old burial chamber and it isn't that far from me so I've visited it a few times now. It's got a lovely atmosphere to it.  (And unlike Stonehenge, there isn't usually anyone else around for miles).

To quote the National Trust Website, "Coldrum Longbarrow is the least-damaged megalithic longbarrow in Kent. It is possible the name 'Coldrum' derived from the old Cornish word 'Galdrum' which means 'place of enchantments'."

(And although they mention Cornish, in fact the Old English/Anglo Saxon word for enchantment/spell was galdor, and for magican/wizard was galdre, so I would have thought it's more likely to come from that.)

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