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This drawing was made due to I remember while I was living in New York in the 80's and going to work with the temperature five degree below.  I used to sketch everyone that used to ride on the bus, until one day someone came to me and broke my sketch book on my face.

I stood there for a while looking at the person speechless.  Then I realized not everyone like to be photographed or sketched in public.

However, my luck changed the next day because I was offered an assignment by a good friend of mine to paint a flower vase with a special shining paint made in China. I knew I needed a needle-like brush with a hard tip. I went to my paint box and took one of the thinner brush I had and put some paint on it and brushed it off with thinner.  I did not clean the brush with soap and water to make sure that the next day the brush was hard like a stick and at the same time usable.

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About ramondelrosario

Ramon was born in Dominican Republic and raised in New York.  He studied art at various universities in New York.  His commissioned assignments while he was attending these art intitutes were portraits and murals.

After 9/11, Ramon moved to Miami, Florida to live a slow paced life. Now, he has more time to paint and to market his artwork.