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John Edwards

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I am new at drawing, my link on Face Book "Pencil and Abstract Art" sum up what I have done over the last five years. My art began in Jr. High in the Drafting program our school had at the time. Since then though I haven't done much with art in anyway until the loss of a job and close friends. To keep boredom at arms length I began to paint abstract works, for the sight impaired. With my paintings I use mixed mediums. I like to create the separation of oil and liquid acrylic paints  over a textured surface using drywall mud. At my link you'll see "The Dark Side of the Moon" which was created as a relief up off  the canvas to create the moons surface. Also with "The Spirit Moves Across the Deep" here too is a textured surface in combination of oil and liquid acrylic paints. I also have "Parking at Wallmart" with a textured surface, mixed paint structures with added water color's creating an oil slick. Green water color for  anti-freeze, red for transmission oil, etc. I need to clear coat it to bring out the oil slick. And so I continue to grow as an artist. As art is so is writing music and as a writer. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.