Surfing, Anyone?

I still surf on occasion; even at my advanced age…people always ask me, "Aren't you afraid of sharks?" Well, heck, yeah, but the chances of getting bitten by a shark are extremely remote. In fact, every time there's a shark attack in the world, it's in the papers. That's because such an event is rare.  Still, they're pretty scary creatures. Hope I captured some of that.

Blessings, Jim

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I'm a retired English teacher - all levels - Navy vet, father, husband, grandfather, writer, surfer, and aspiring watercolorist. I realize I have a long way to go on the last, but I'm working every day to get better; the other things in the queue, I've been blessed, and I know it. Thanks to all of the artists for the inspiration, and, at times, the daunting task of measuring up. God bless. Jim