Sunrise Along Hi-Way 1

This is the last Plein Air painting for 2010. It was 7 F outside when I started before sunrise. By the time the sun came up I had blocked in most of the linen. The reason I was painting this one was that I was unhappy with the last attempt at painting snow. Not enough color in the snow & the values were too high. While the sun climbed higher in the sky everything went orange. So I went for it. Lots of color & lower values for the snow. 3 hours later it was ready to be abandoned & I was ready to go warm up & abandon the cold.

Last Thursday I had 3 paintings with me when I went to the pub. I had set them out for my friends to see & give a little C&C. About an hour later it was sold! It hadn't been stretched or framed yet..

Thanks & Enjoy!!!


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