Sunflowers in Copper

Sunflowers in Copper, oil on canvas 10×10.


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About Ginny

Throughout my life, I've always strived to bring out the beauty in my surroundings. From cultivating lush landscapes around the exterior of my home, to finding the perfect balance between color and texture for my indoor living space. Using the tools I have at my disposal, I have always sought to create a peaceful and pleasing environment for those that I love.

Eventually, my journey led me to devote a great deal of time practicing and studying the art of meditation. I have found that the qualities gained through this discipline are very tied to my own personal artistic process; often helping trigger an idea or an inspiration that I may have overlooked or taken for granted otherwise. Although I had no previous training in fine arts, painting was something that always intrigued me. I began to work intuitively after a good friend showed me a few basics to get me started. Immediately, I was drawn to the wonderful colors of the paints, the feel of the brushes, the possibilities of a white canvas, and the level of concentration it took to construct a composition. To put it plainly, I loved it all! I have found this artistic outlet to be a wonderful tool for allowing me to stay focused in the moment and further express the beauty that I experience all around me.

Although I was born in Texas, but spent the majority of my life growing up in the city of Chicago. At the age of 53, my husband and I decided to leave our home and head west to northern California where I currently live today. I am fortunate enough to be able to spend a great deal of my time painting in my private studio, which sits along side a creek, surrounded by old oak trees and fields of golden grass. If I'm not working on a painting, I'm usually helping my mother with her vegetable garden, tending to the property, or trying to keep our two dogs, Katie and Kodi, out of trouble.

After looking at all the wonderful work in the galleries it is with much hesitation that I post some of my work for feedback and critique but this is the year that I would like to improve my work and learn more about painting and that means other artists must look and comment.

You can not imagine what I do not know about painting so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.