Sunday Supplement

"Sunday Supplement" is 30 x 20 inches, oil on canvas.

This painting shows an 84-year old woman with the things she loved in life – peace and tranquility, her Sunday paper, the chocolates and red wine, and the treasured symbol on the chain she always wore. A life well lived. She is my Mother, no longer here on earth.

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Sarah A Boardman

About Sarah A Boardman

I was apprenticed to an old German Master for 4.5 years - who tortured me and ripped up my "masterpieces" until I did them to his liking ... but he made sure that I "got over" myself!  I also had to clean his brushes along with my own; learn, learn and re-learn things I was convinced I knew, and pretty much lick his boots (so to speak!).  Painting is a wonderful passion, and I would do it even if I was not paid for it!  Fortunately I am.  How much better could life get?  Art is good. Life is good. 

Lately I have been doing some private commissions. I am not always allowed to post them publically, so please be patient for the ones I can!

Also, please visit my website to see selected works: or email me for information at