Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race ‘PAINTING"

On January 28/01/2012 the 16th annual Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race will be held.About 2600 birds from 30 countries competes over 550 km from the very very very hot Karoo region to Sun City which is close to Rustenburg about 90 km from Johannesburg.It is called the Tour De France of pigeon races and even attracts entries from the Brittish Royal family. I tried to recreate the excitement of waiting for the birds to get home.Your eyes starts to play trics with you as every cloud,ray of sunlight or reflection becomes a pigeon. Each person thinks he saw them 1st,each bird loooks like your entry and then the anticipation of the leading batch landing to see which bird will enter the loft 1st.The pigeons are trained from around September to prepare them for the race 6 months later. There are several Web sites which gives more info on this unique happening

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