'Summer Sway'

Based on a memory of dancing around in the summer time with my cousin

oil on canvas | 8 x 10 | ©Hilka Zimmerman. 2014 –www.shutterandeasel.com

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About Hilka

As a native of Granite Falls, MN, Hilka Zimmerman came later to professional photography and painting.  Still, she has always had a creative flair, be it in poetry, drawing, painting or photography.  She began her photography career at the age of 9, where she was a member of the local 4-H club and won a few blue ribbons.  From that point on, she was “hooked”.

It wasn’t until she moved to Arkansas in 2001 that she began to delve into her creative side more seriously.  She currently runs a photography business (Shutter & Easel – Images by Hilka) that specializes in candid, natural light, and location shoot photography as well as selling her paintings.   Often, she will just “hit the road” to photograph what she discovers just around the bend.   When painting, she works in various mediums (oil, acrylic, watercolor & mixed media).  She has no desire to work in one medium or style and it is this eclectic nature that has drawn much attention from others.  By changing things up, her work is always a discovery, always exciting and fresh.  She has completed over a dozen commissioned paintings in just the past few years, but is always looking forward to that next new challenge. 

Her works is inspired by her love for her native Minnesota.  She has enjoyed incorporating some of her favorite childhood spots from her hometown into her paintings and photographs.  She is currently working on a complete series of Gnome paintings, and hopes to complete them by the end of 2014. 

Hilka’s work has been displayed at various venues, shows, homes, shops and of course on the walls of her parent’s home.

Hilka will be displaying her work at a solo show in Van Buren, Arkansas during the month of May 2014.

When Hilka’s not painting or taking photos, chances are that you’ll find her flea marketing.  She enjoys refurbishing furniture, finding lost treasures and locating quirky, decorative items to decorate her home and use as photography props.

Hilka has three children, two of which have already left the “nest”.  She currently resides in Arkansas with her husband and son.