Summer Crosses Into Fall

This is based on a pencil sketch I did late this summer as the sumac was calling for autumn. It is a favorite hiking area of mine called the Loose Hills in NW Iowa.  Oak, cottonwood and cedars dominate for trees while waves of brome and buffalo grass out last the cone followers who have long ago dropped their petals.  White tails are plenty and a turkey will appear if you are still long enough.  Bull snakes and a hog nose can be located on occations while not far as the crow flys there are dens of prairie rattlers though I have never encountered one. 

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Born in New Jersey but grew up in NE, Nebraska on the Winnebago Indian Reservation.  MFA in Art Education, Rhode Island School of Design '92.  Currently in my 30th year as a High School Art Teacher. I'm a fith Generation descendent of Asher B. Durand of the Hudson River School.  Primarily an acrylic landscape painter, I have been working in pastels for the past two years as a tool mostly for plein air painting.