Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is all about movement — the same breeze that captures the kite and dances through the grass and whips  the trees and nudges the clouds is mirrored in the brush strokes that swirl and whorl about.

A palette of dominating blues and greens fuse one into the other, land into sky, the boy a bridge between the two. The oranges and reds and yellows of the kite — lightly echoed in the southeast corner — provide a focal point of momentary respite.

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Steve Henderson

About Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson focuses on Emotional Realism, a fusion of color, subject matter, perspective, and intensity that he has developed into a signature style. He shows and sells his work nationwide through galleries and exhibits, as well as through his licensing agencies, Art Licensing and OC Designer Source. He has been featured on Barry Chappell's Fine Art Showcase, Art & Coin TV; been accepted into prestigious shows such as Paint the Parks, Mystic Seaport's International Exhibition, the American Society of Marine Artists National Tour, and Best of America; and is a member of the Oil Painters of America, the National Oil and Acrylic Painter's Society, the American Society of Marine Artists, and the Western Art Association.