Pencil, Pen, watercolor in sketchbook



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Dawood Sekhem

About Dawood Sekhem

Dawood (Marion) Sekhem has a reputation as a contemporary artist known for his superlative draftsmanship. His are contour drawings with realism and aspects of a abstraction. His work is characterized by stunning likenesses captured with consummate honesty. A Visual Communications graduate, Dawood, a powerful draftsman has actualized his passion for sharing thought teaching youth and adults.Dawood has taught drawing, painting and character design at C.L.A.S (Culture and Language Academy of Success), Sharon Art Studios, AHC Oakland, La Casa De Las Madres, BFOIT UC Berkeley, Los Angeles Academy of Fine Arts and Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Dawood has recently been awarded the Certificate of Honor from by the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco Ross Mirkarimi and David Chiu for 2+ years as a drawing instructor at Sharon Studio in Golden Gate Park.