"Strippers" is a mixed media collage…a fictional narrative about a possibility. Measures roughly 8.5 x 11 inches.

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David Hayes

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I've done many things in my life. Some not as significant as others, but each has made me who I am. I've been happily married for 30+ years, have two beautiful adult daughters, and recently retired from teaching. I worked at a truck stop and as a janitor to put myself through college. A couple of years at a small ad agency convinced me that wasn't what I wanted, so after picking up an MBA I became a banker, managing other people's money. Twelve years of this showed me that this wasn't what I wanted it was back to grad school. This time, an MEd in Elementary Education in hand, I became a teacher. Fourteen and half years...and it was time once again for a change. So now I'm giving my "art" a chance. I'm pretty much a self-trained artist with a few photography, painting, and drawing classes along the way. I don't specialize in any of these, letting my "muse" be my guide. I often combine several genres in my all depends. My art expresses my life experiences and my take on things around me. I'm always surprised by what I come up with and invite you to come along for the ride!