Still Life

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Coulter Prehm

About Coulter Prehm

Coulter Prehm (b.1984) is a young artist working in an optical method of painting and drawing which he acquired from his teacher, Tony Ryder. Colt also puts his artistic training to use working as a custom tattooist. He resides with his wife Liz and his Olde English Bulldogge Goliath in Santa Fe, NM.

Artist Statement:

My love for nature, family and art are surpassed only by my love for God who has taken me to where I am and to where I am heading.  I am in a constant state of gratefulness. My work and whole inspiration are based on the energy creating and intertwining all beings and our physical surroundings.  All these things that we observe have been revealed to us by Light which is astoundingly perfect and infinitely beautiful.  By committing time, which is the most precious of resources to give or receive, to our subjects in study and interaction we can, as artists, change our surroundings and world by demonstrating love and appreciation.  It is only through this interaction that we can discover the inherent beauty that is so often overlooked and hopefully through skill and understanding we are able to articulate the transient gift we experience to the rest of the population.