Steven’s Perception

lithographic drawing, color, approximately 18" x 24".

Steven's first couple of years on earth were spent in Cincinnati were I did my graduate work. This image was based on an old polorid picture I took of us together. Meg would take Steven for walks in a stroller in the park shown in the background just outside my studio on campus. 

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Neal McDannel

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Influences: There are a few. I really Like Alice Neel and Alex Katz. Edward Hopper made work that touched me on an emotional level while Wayne Theibaud's landscapes are extremely aesthetically pleasing along with his masterful use of color. I would also like to acknowledge my family who has been a real inspiration and very supportive in the creative process. EDUCATIONM.F.A.,  Printmaking, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1991.                  Minor concentrations: Drawing and Art History.B.F.A.,   Printmaking, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, New York, 1989.                 Minor concentrations: Drawing, Art History and Papermaking.