"Steve McQueen Relaxing"

This is an original Acrylic on stretched Canvas painting of film icon Steve McQueen relaxing after a hard days riding in the 1964 ISDT in East Germany, where he competed as part of the official American Trophy Team.  Steve was riding his special Triumph off road motorbike and was going well until a heavy fall on day three of the event forced his early retirement.

This unique original painting captures Steve, sitting down, obligatory cigarette in hand as he chat's to fellow riders and reflects on the days riding. Wearing his Belstaff waterproof jacket, with his official badge # 278, his official riding number, he looks pleased with his day's efforts.

Painted onto a primed 24" x18" x 12 stetched canvas this painting is a unique chance to aquire an original piece of art of a much loved American actor, not from a movie still, but from him enjoying himself amongst friends and fellow bikers, uncluttered by the trappings of success. McQueen was a very competant motorcycle rider, starred in the classic film "On any Sunday" which he also helped producer Bruce Brown finance.

Painting is based on an original photograph by Lynn Wineland and you can read more about Steve's exploits in the excellent book "40 Summers ago" by author Sean Kelly.



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Rob started racing motocross in 1974, culminating in competing in the British motocross championship. He still rides regularly today.

In the 1980s Rob's love of U.S. supercross and motocross saw him launch a successful dirt bike video business which meant he became close to many of the legendary riders of the era like Ricky Johnson.

After several years as an Area manager in both the bicycle and motorcycle industries, Rob became tired of the constant travelling and hassle of chasing sales targets, so ditched the suit, briefcase and returned the company car to pursue a more fulfilling career, back to his roots as an Illustrator. I have no understanding of the latest computer programmes, Illustrator or Photoshop and prefer to draw using my original Leitz ellipse templates, just like it was "back in the day!", before people became slaves to technology that has no passion or creativity.

His intimate knowledge of the sport and excellent artistic skills meant he won the accolade of worldwide Artist of the Year in the prestigious RacerX Magazine's annual awards in 2006.