St. Marks Florida Fire Tower

20 X 24 Oil on canvas

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Richard K. Meister

About Richard K. Meister

Greetings to all readers, I enjoy creating visual art.  I hone my skill with the help of art instruction books, dvds, web videos, websites, magazines, and one oil painter whom I am glad to call a friend also, Jake Godoy.  I have been drawing or painting off and on over 30 years but I just recently got serious with oil painting.  I paint what I feel could be a great painting and the painting usually will dictate a certain style it wants to come out to be and I don't really force any type of style on a painting, just technique.  I accept the fact that some paintings are not going to work out, so I learn and move on to the next one.    I praise Jesus when I sell a painting and I praise Jesus when I don't sell a painting. My favorite painting dvds include David A. Leffel's "The Art of Painting" from Liliedahl Video Productions, Elizabeth Pruitt's,  "Roses & Jade" from the same company. Please visit my website at: Thanks. Sincerely, Richard