Squirrel said


The Squirrel said.
"Attention all! "
He stands tall.
Darting eyes intense
Everyone holds their breaths
in suspense.
Their Squirrel Head, 
Their squirrel said, 
"My nuts are gone!" 
"My nuts are gone!"
*Did you check under your bed?* 
Another squirrel jokingly said, 
"Of course I did!" the squirrel said, 
He added, "I am the Squirrel head."
"Maybe you forgot you have ate." 
"Autumn's just here, it's not too late."
Just look for more, Squirrel Head!"
An elderly squirrel wisely said. 
Philo Yan

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For the past 28 years, career and family took precedence. After deciding to leave my career and with my 2 young adults and 1 teenager making their own way in their life, I now have time to do what I love and that is creating art. I have no formal training and consider myself an amateur. I have great respect for the extremely talented artists especially those who specialize in 3D and realism using all various tools of art.  They are so amazing and if I can achieve even 1% of what they do, it will be a milestone in my baby steps towards art. My daughter is artistic and she is in her final year pursuing a degree in Art and Games design.  I have been doing art for 2 years now and have moved on to poetry writing.  I write poems to accompany my drawings.   I do appreciate if you would drop me a line to ask for permission.  If you like the poems, you are welcome to use it with credits as they are original poems. Or if you like me to write one for your drawings, I will be happy to oblige.