‘Speaking Life’

20×24 acrylic on canvas, it hard to see but there are 4 other faces besides the large one in the center.  this is just reflecting the verse in proverbs that says the power of life and death are on the tongue. painting #1 ' a painting and prayer a day 2011'

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Whitney Tomlin

About Whitney Tomlin

I am a 30 year old, mother of three.  I started painting after Christmas time in December of 2009.  I am a self taught artist.  I love art.  I want to do everything I can to use this ability that God gave me to paint, to be able to give back to people around me.  I especially want to focus on young women.  I would like to offer up free or VERY inexpensive art lessons to young women, and use art as an avenue to teach these girls self-worth.  If you art interested in hearing more about what I am doing you can read more in depth about it on my website www.worthloveart.com.