Spanish Aristrocrat

I've had a couple of 4" wood carvings of what I believe so be Spanish Soldiers or Aristocrats since I was a boy. Thought they would be good cheap models for a painting that I would also have free license to color as I pleased. It was fun so I think I'll paint the other guy as well.

Painted in W & N water soluable oil.

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Gene Cevasco

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Retired small business owner.

Have home studio where I paint in oils 2-4 hours daily. For my enjoyment only. Don't sell works. Gifts for family, charity donations, friends or go to storage.

Drawing and painting major at Orange Coast College and Cal State Long Beach.

Board of Directors  ..  Woodlands Art League, TX 

7/13/10  Members in our Art League have suggested that I should sell some works so I have had a change of heart and will exibit some in our gallery here in Texas.  Guess it's better than storing them in the garrage, might pay for some paint and canvas.