"Snack" – by Celeste Vaught. Acrylic on 16 x 20" Ampersand Aquabord panel.

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Celeste Vaught

About Celeste Vaught

As a child, if I wasn’t drawing or painting, I was digging in the dirt or lying on my belly peering through the blades of grass at the tiny, bustling world beneath our feet. Fascinating specimens waited to be discovered! I am still passionate about learning, discovering and exploring. Asking “why” and “how” invigorates me and keeps me connected to my childhood energy. Curiosity is a common theme of my paintings. Employing fundamental design elements I aim to create a thing of beauty and stimulate curiosity. My artwork is appreciated and collected by people from around the world. In 2007, I served as a Guide in the Acrylics & Floral Forums of the very popular international, online forum owned by publishers of The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Magic, and Pastel Journal. Recently my painting “Daffodils” was chosen to be the cover illustration of a fundraising mailing for the Marie Curie Cancer Organization in the United Kingdom and the original painting was auctioned in the "Private View of the Summer Exhibition 2008" at the Royal Academy of Arts in London to raise funds for proving free hospice nursing for terminally ill patients.