Sky 1

There were a couple of rainy days here in Phoenix (several weeks ago). These are exactly the days when I want to be out painting. When the clouds are moving fast and the light is dramatic. Painted this from life.

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Martin Dimitrov

About Martin Dimitrov

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the early 80s, but the US has been my home for the last 15 years. I am an athlete. I played tennis competitively for 17 years, which was how I got to study in the US and play for a college team. I am also a scientist. I continued my education after college and obtained a doctorate degree in computer science. And now, at last, I am an artist.

Becoming an artist had been in the back of my mind for years. And while I have painted since a young age, only more recently I had the opportunity to fully commit to my passion. I feel privileged to have studied in Scottsdale Artist School under artists/teachers such as Allen Garns and Robert Lemler.   

When I paint, I feel a sense of purpose. I have a sharp focus and a clear mind. I express my most essential thoughts more clearly with paint on canvas than with words. In addition, the process of creating my art is as important to me as the finished piece itself. I cherish that experience, and this is why I paint from life and love every minute of it.