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About Eskandarypour

  Amir Mohammad Eskandari Pour is a self- taught & self- motivated artist born in Tehran, Iran in 1973 and now lives in the same city. He started painting & drawing under the support of his father in the age of 10 and after several years he completed his artistic experiences with attendance in the gallery of his master “Abbas Agha Mohseni”. Soon After he was asked to have cooperation with the gallery and he spent 10 years transferring his  valuable experiences to young students. Finally in 2002 he took action to establish his own gallery in Tehran and from that time up to now has activity in this field there. During these years he traveled to several countries in order to get more familiar with the art of the west and participated in the exhibitions of the well-known artists’ works such as the conference of 400th birthday anniversary of Rembrand, a famous Dutch artist, which caused him to exchange artistic views & experiences with other contemporary artists of the world and for this reason he is entirely in the picture of the world art. Human’s apprehension & humanity are the most important points in his works which are absolutely clear in selecting the cases & social views of them. Also his different views on events, human beings, nature, objects & special attention to the details not considered a lot, caused to have different effect on second person despite of being real.