Sharp Eye – Golden Eye Colored Pencil

I love birds of prey, they truly amaze me. The Golden Eagle is not acceptation, they are large powerful animals. Their eye sight is unreal, I really wanted to focus on that part of the animal. To really show the viewer how amazing their eyes really are, while still seeing the head of the animal. 

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Taylor Nichczynski

About Taylor Nichczynski

Life would never be the same once I moved from my home state of Michigan to Nevada in 1996. I started having in interest in art most noticeably at the age of six. After being enrolled into an art class after school at the age of eight I grew more fond of the process of creation. Art work helped me build up my confidence as a child and help deal with the hardships I faced when I was young.

Throughout high school I was involved in the art field. I had my work   shown in the school art shows as well. It always warms my heart when my hard work is appreciated. I am a self taught artist that continues to grow daily with the advice from others and my own adventures in creation. The goal I have, anytime I begin the creation process I always have one specific mission. To create what I view, not what everyone else views. It is an adventure everyday!
I have been taking commission pieces and selling my portfolio work since the spring of 2011 and enjoy seeing satisfied customers. In June of 2012 I had a small ad featured in Southwest Art Magazine, giving my confidence more of a boost to see my name in print. That move was a huge one for any up and coming artist and I am proud to have been involved is such a beautiful magazine.
Since April of 2013 I have had the honor of working with a wildlife sanctuary Imlay, NV; Safe Haven Rescue Zoo. I have pieces displayed on site and had a few sell on their property along with a silent auction they hosted in May of 2013. They take in animals that have been neglected and abused by owners, changing the lives of many. It's a passion of mine to save wildlife with my work and hope to continue to do so.