Shannon’s Retreat

Water color painting, 11" x 15", 140# Gemini CP paper.  Studio painting of peaceful landscape.  This is a place in my imagination.

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Bruce Wagner

About Bruce Wagner


My name is Bruce Wagner and I began painting with watercolors in 1987. I had no formal training or workshop experience, I just wanted to create works of art. I chose watercolor because I thought it would be easy. I soon found out how difficult the medium could be.


I put my brush down in 1996 and did not pick it up again until 2006. When I did start painting again it was like riding a bicycle. You never forget how, although I did need training wheels for a short spell.


I have attended workshops by Tom Lynch, Tony Couch, and Tom Owens.


My work is mostly representational with a tendency to  impressionistic.  I love painting the landscape of Colorado, from the alpine mountains to the prairies.  Recently I have been painting the historic architecture of the area.