Shadow Sing 2011

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About Karen Moss

Karen Moss was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1972. She has lived in Melbourne since 1997.  Since 2006, she has been entertaining herself and enjoying the development of her art and learning the control of oil.  Her urge to create is impulsive, intuitive and therapeutic.“I start unopposed to the blank canvas and begin its reveal usually starting with three oil colours. The painting takes form and I work within its perimeters and add in opposing, defining and exposing colours. I enjoy working on what I consider ‘movement’ and do deliberate over the paintings depth, flow and balance. I enjoy developing the initial lines into my finished product. “Karen is inspired by the works of Jackson Pollack, Van Gogh and Matisse to name a few.  She is looking forward to her first solo show.


Karen’s art may be viewed: