Self portrait in pencil 36" x 24"

Art class 101 first day the professor snaps this horrid picture of me.  Little did I know that I would have to draw it, and so big!  Who ever thought of doing portraits in a 101 class?  I loved it.  I loved the pencils.  I wish I had better materials.  Even more, I wish I had more notice so maybe I would have looked better for the picture 🙂  But this is my first portrait, actually my first real drawing ever.

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About RoxyStargazer

I'm the daughter of a shy artist.  I never really tried much in the fine arts because I was afraid I could live up to her.  Now that I'm older (and hopefully wiser) I have started to try.  I took an art class to kicks and really enjoyed drawing especially.  So now I at least have a hobby and something to express myself and release some stress.