Self Portrait in gray wash

Yet another self portrait- I'm just my most reliable model. Painted in gray watercolor wash on 8X10" paper

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Gil Robles

About Gil Robles

Although I went to Parsons School of Design in New York City and I also attended the Art Students League, The bulk of what I know and continue to pursue in art was taught to me in the High School of Art and Design by Irwin Greenberg, (or Greeny as his students called him).  While in High School I attended an early morning paint group where we painted in oils or watercolor from the model. Max Ginsberg was also a part of that group teaching alongside Greeny. I learned from them and from the examples of the very talented students who attended the group which included those who graduated and would drop back in to paint with the group. It was a very unique experience especially for a high school student.

Nowadays I paint around a busy family life, a 9 to 5 work week and an occasional illustration assignment. My work has been published in Bloomberg Magazine and Guide Magazine.

Sometime ago I put aside my oil paints and concentrated on working in watercolors. I did this because I had two young sons and was concerned about the paints and the solvents, (I have no studio space so my paints are always out in the open). Now that my sons are older I continue to work with watercolors. That may change but for right now I am enjoying focusing on this medium although I occasionally paint in oils or gouache.