drawing made with the dry brush technique with ink on cardboard fabriano

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Samuel Velarde Solari

About Samuel Velarde Solari

Samuel Velarde Solari Plastic Artist Drawing and Painting, National School of Fine Arts, a remarkable promotion, which gets a prize drawing; in 95 gets a mention in the contest of young artists from the gallery 2V'S; has participated in numerous group exhibitions. In the year 96 he entered the teaching staff of the College including AC Artistic training, where women work to date, and in 97 he made his first single "unpopular things" in the gallery of the same institution; In 98 entering the teaching staff of the National School of Fine Arts of Peru and participates in the "festivals of Lima" exhibition held in the framework of the activities of the First Bienal Iberoamericana de Lima, in 2005 made his second solo exhibition " Unpopular Objects "in the gallery Punctum and in 2006 participates in the exhibition" Passion Flowers "AC 16 teachers in the institutional gallery, is currently preparing a project based on the processes of drawing in its various applications.