Selbst Portrait in the Olde Country, 2014

This is an oil on canvas painting, using extensive glazing techniques, in a 24" x 30" format.  It is really an homage to time honored tools such a the plumb bob, hand tied brushes, and sand bags. 

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Kei J. Constantinov, MFA

About Kei J. Constantinov, MFA

Currently adding plein air painting skills to a tool chest of classical oil (glazes over grisaille) techniques, specializing in portrait, landscape and still life.  Also using egg tempera on BFK Rives to create "parchment-like" substrates for storyboards and major illustrations, for promoting a graphic novella I'm penning presently.  I exhibit regularly on the Indiana lakefront, after teaching lithographic printmaking in the oldest NYC atelier, Bob Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop, from 1983 to 1990.