Seen Better Days

An old weather-beaten barn in Buck's County, Pennsylvania, watercolor with pen and ink, 11×14, on hot press watercolor paper

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Rosemary Connelly

About Rosemary Connelly

People say my paintings make them happy, which is very rewarding for me as an artist and a personal goal. I paint primarily in watercolor and with pen and ink, both en plein air and in the studio, on paper and in watercolor journals, from life and from photographs always working to achieve fluid line quality, layers of translucent color and strong compositions.

I studied fine art and graphic design at Arizona State University, Mesa Community College and at various workshops in Arizona and Delaware and worked for over 20 years as a graphic designer before moving to Italy.  My botanicals are all drawn from life and each has a story to tell. 

I have been inspired by drawings of the old masters, paintings of the impressionists Cezanne and Matisse, watercolors by Winslow Homer,  Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O’Keefe and Wolf Kahn, Japanese block prints, and the textures and colors of a world where doors, windows and peeling paint reveal the passage of time and human existence.

Focusing on art and travel, my husband Bob, a photographer, and I lived simply in Italy for two years,  a subject I never tire of painting. The philosophy of our lives is to “live cheap and make art.” Since moving to Milford in 2007, I have been inspired by the aging barns and the beauty of the eastern shore and explored working in pastels and oils on canvas.

I am a member of the Mispillion and Rehoboth Art Leagues and the Delaware Watercolor Society. I also teach workshops in watercolor journaling. Visit my studio Wednesday thru Saturday at the Studios  Upstairs in the Riverwalk Center for the Arts,  or visit my website

You can also find me and Live Cheap & Make Art Studios on Facebook.