Just some new work!  Love the idea of a simple drawing of things that I'm interested in and curious about.  The series will include other animals like bears, elk, sea turtles, etc.  The drawings are about 4"x5."  I want them to look old, like I found them in a treasure chest buried in the ground for 100 years.  🙂

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About Michelle

I am most pleased when I am able to share my artwork with people like you.  I work primarily with drawing and painting media, but love to explore the many possibilities of things including printmaking, sunprinting, collage, textiles, encaustic, book making, etc.  I am especially inspired by the fine art of children's illustration and am always looking for new ways to tell or hear a good story.   My hope is to convey a sense of wonder and curiosity over the beauty that God surrounds me with every day and to always tell a story with each new piece I create.