San Jose

Drew this up awhile back and started painting it yesterday.

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Aug. 6. 2014 To view a drawing I did for Clearprint: Drawing for Clearprint of the Japanese Garden outdoor tea room area in San Antonio, Tx. July 21, 2014 Looking for my work here on Artist Daily? Try Margo. Dec. 18, 2013 To view the finished painting Mother And Child check out FASO's Dec, 2013 Bold Brush Contest. Sept. 23-27, 2013 Got a chance to attend a workshop in Austin, TX with Scott Waddell. We drew and painted from a live model. It was great fun. See: Workshop with Scott Waddell, Austin, Tx Aug 15, 2013 Fun Comparison: San Antonio Japanese Garden Bridge - 2nd revisionSan Antonio Japanese Garden Bridge - revised and San Antonio Japanese Garden Bridge. May 3, 2013 Series of 4 Check out the four different versions of San Antonio Japanese Garden's Waterfall in Prismacolor markers, acrylic, watercolor, and oils March 8, 2013 Sports and Superfun to be Supergirl Take a look at my latest paintings: Sports and Superfun to be Supergirl. Nov. 18, 2012 Magnolia Majesty Magnolia Majesty can now be found at Fine Art America and Cafe Press. New blog: October 17, 2012 Sorry I haven't had much to add lately, but have been rather absorbed with the birth of our last grandchild who just happened to be full blown Trizome 13. Matthew was an amazing little 36 hour miracle. Don't know what more to say than we were blessed to get to meet him and love him. Februrary 26, 2012 Working a different schedule now and really struggling to get back to either my drawing or painting. Am still taking my drawing class, thank goodness, and reading my art magazines. Miss my watercolor class, but will hopefully be able to get back in the not too distant future. April 23, 2012 The plein air workshop with Steve Dougherty was great fun. We had a really fun group of plein air watercolor artists from the local area. You can view two of my paintings - Plein Air - Mission Espada and Plein Air - Japanese Gardens March 14, 2012 Hi everyone, Just an update. I am still taking my drawing class and really enjoying it. Getting ready for a big adventure in April. I will be taking a plein air workshop, which is a first for me. Landscapes are not my strong point, so this should be very interesting. I'm really looking forward to it. Something new for you to look at - I added a drawing and painting that I worked on in December. Check out: Drawing for my son and Painting for my son. Also, The Pavillion. December 19, 2011 New painting: "Wedding Day - Mother & Daughter" November 8, 2011 Latest painting: "I Have Places To Go And Things To Do" Oct. 23, 2011 Working on a new drawing, still taking my drawing class, and loving it - and hopefully getting better at it (probably couldn't have gotten worse so that has been an easy "given"). Still taking my watercolor class although life has been busy in other ways, and I have had to miss a few of those. Love my watercolor though, and don't think I will ever give up on it. But, I must say that the acrylics have been much more enticing than I would have ever expected, and I have always loved the intriguing effects and design work that can be accomplished with multimedia. [For those of you on grammar patrol, my apologies for any inadvertent run on sentence(s).] Latest drawing: Artist at Work Sept. 16, 2011 Just got back today from the last day of a really fun workshop by Nick Simmons. It was great fun, I learned a lot and even got a chance to use all those vivid colors that I love so much. Now to try to balance my drawing time and my painting time. Workshop with Nicholas Simmons June, 2011 I have added a few new drawings. You may want to check them out. See: You Like My Shoe? and But This Is My Shoe Love at 1st Sight, or check out Margo5.